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The time between finishing a record and its release can be an odd time for a band. Some bands immediately jump into writing for the next record, some bands begin rehearsing for upcoming live dates (figuring out how to play those 20 overdubs live, for instance!), and some bands just take a break from music all together.

But, that time can also be a chance to reflect on past material and “clean out the closet”, so to speak. Alternate versions, outtakes, B-sides, live tracks and the occasional gem that just didn't fit the feel of a record are all part of this process. After finishing the recording our next release for the better part of a year, we’ve decided to reflect on our own past material and “clean out the closet”.

In this spirit, we released a number of alternate versions, B-sides, and live tracks over the course of 2010 and 2011 leading up to the release of Strange Waves, and beyond. These tracks contain a little bit of each category and, if anything, shed a little light into the creative process. But mainly, we simply thought these were songs that deserved to be heard. We hope you enjoy the series…


released June 7, 2010

Written, recorded and produced by Dead Heart Bloom.



all rights reserved


Dead Heart Bloom New York

Dead Heart Bloom was formed by songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Boris Skalsky and guitarist Paul Wood following the dissolution of their previous band, the Washington, DC-based Phaser.

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Track Name: Must I
Must I seek
trouble in life
just to find something good?
Must I speak
in cynical lines
just to be understood?
Wait -
there's a fire on my sleeve
I've got a voice with which to sing
and that's enough.

Must we fake
being afraid
just to feel somewhat brave?
Must we wake
and suffer in chains
just till we watch them break?
Wait -
there's a fire on the street
it's making friends with all it meets
and that is all
I want.
Cause that's enough.

Must a life
shudder and fade
before we can know its name?
Must it end
just like song
singing a sad refrain?
Track Name: White Lies
I seen the better life
I seem so satisfied
I see the bright side of a war, and more,
I don't get sad inside
I fail but at least I try
I tell the truth but with a bit of all them

white lies
and cold eyes
hid behind a liar's smile
the teeth shined by a strange denial

I feel so good and gone
I sung my pretty song
I feel the pulling of a strong desire
to show you what I done
to show what is wrong
to tell you I can still command all them

white lies
and cold eyes
hid behind a dead man's trial
freed up by a jury of my peers

I've read The Impersonal Life
I've watched them words go by
I've tried to make those maudlin thoughts apply
So I don't get sad inside
and fail, but still I'm trying
to tell the truth with just a bit of all them

white lies
and cold eyes
hid behind a mask that hides
a soul that's been tried and cast aside

with all them
white lies
and cold eyes
staring down a loser's pride
never knowing that's the way they're bound
to watch it die.
Track Name: Chelsea Song #2 (electric version)
There’s a record playing down my hall,
a new gothic blues that almost was,
but I can’t hear all the chords.

Now the record’s playing a perfect song,
and what we would have done for just one,
so I pick up my guitar.

I won’t crawl out ever again.
I won’t wait for it to begin,
or cry for something that might have been.

The record ends.
It’s so dead and used up it won’t mend.
So I won’t try anymore.

We won’t sway ever again,
we won’t let you fuck with our heads,
or fight for something to never end.

It’s not anger I’m feeling
so please don’t misunderstand me
when I say I don’t miss you no more.
Track Name: Sunday Sun
Oh Sunday sun
fall on my wall
wake me from
that old forgotten love.

Fly miles away
that's where I'll stay
as long as you light
my way.

Oh Sunday sun
cry down my wall
make the dark
fade into the dawn.

Run miles away
if that's your way
that won't abate
your pain.

Oh Sunday sun
friend to all
cast away
all the pain we've known.

Shine miles away
bright, calm, and safe
don't ever say
you're gone.
Track Name: All Things Lost
Oh brother of mine
I know to well
your kind:
two wasted arms
holding a world
crumbling above,
then letting it fall
just because.

Oh listen well
brother of mine
brother in blood,
throw down that day
that taught you to bend
for bending's sake.
That's not a noble way
for a man to break,

passing from hate to hate
blaming a ghost for why it came.

Burn brother of mine
like five thousand suns
shining high,
and don't let your trials
steal all the worth
of your pride.
Be secret and exult,

because of all things known
that is most difficult.
Track Name: Words For A Friend
Listen to one who knows,
who's been there and back
and knows where to go,
what little I've learned
I would like to share with you,
come and hear.

Follow your wildest dreams.
Don't speak too loud,
unless it's a scream.
For your heart contains
all the truth you will need
go and set it free.

But know when to pull your bets.
Know when to smoke your last cigarette.
And don't waste your breath,
cause it's all that you get,
go and tell all the people you love
you'll never forget them.

Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry,
I've done enough of that for both of us.
Don't lie, don't lie, don't lie,
cause a real man don't do none of that.
But I am old and you are young,
so don't go take these words too strong,
you're eighteen, soon you'll know what I mean.

Learn how to play the blues.
Don't watch the evening news, whatever you do,
always believe there's still good in the world
if you care to choose it.

Careful with all the girls.
But know there ain't nothing
so sweet to adore.
If you feel the tears come
to swallow your eyes,
lesser men than you
for love have died.

Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry,
I've done enough of that for both of us.
Don't hide, don't hide, don't hide,
cause a real man don't do none of that.
But I am old and you are young,
and I speak a barbarous tongue.
Those aren't my words,
but, even so, they're true.